back to the sex

The details are lost on me, chronology and order and the placement of hands and mouths and fingers is mostly lost on me. Except that for the most part, the majority of our sex is her drenched in me and loving to taste me and me loving her lips on my cunt. Do not expect plot or lines, just enjoy the feeling.

So the other night, which is becoming every night, Dana had her mouth on my pussy – eager and hungry she was bringing me over the edge and all I could think of, all my mind could conceive of was the color yellow. It was soft yellow, and sunlight yellow and lemong yellow. I was thinking of lemons, and then lemon bars. Lemon bars? I don’t really know what that was all about. After yellow it was soft pale blue. It was sky blue and light blue jeans. Ahh. yellow and lemons and lemon bars.

So! The code word is now lemon bars. “Yeah… we were making lemon bars so we couldn’t answer the phone, sorry!”

Later, Saturday night when I wished we were out dancing but instead my brand new girlfriend was helping me move my apartment. I was in the walk in closet at the old place, looking through the clothes and I decided to put on my black suit blazer over the pink tank top and shorties that I was wearing. I stuck me head out of the closet to call her over to me, and you should have seen her jaw drop when she saw me, breasts pushing their way out the top of the blazer, over the tight buttons and the tank top. “oh, you make me so wet” she said. I smiled and kissed her and we kissed for a little while in the closet, me shoved up against a wall and her hands on me. She was searching for a grip on my curves and finally put her warm hand over my cunt and rocked me against the wall.

Damn. I wish my new place had a walk-in closet.

I’m only retaining bits and pieces of the last week. One day we had a shower and I kneeled on the floor to put my face on her pussy. Another day we touched each other, lying side by side in the sunlight that streamed through an open window at my new place. She has a fabulous new haircut – her hair had been growing long and she had been thinking about cutting it, but wasn’t too sure. I love it short, I really love it. Somehow, every time, every single time, the both of us have been totally satisfied with the sex. Since she’s a top, she seems to hate going first or last, which means I often get topped twice.

Yesterday she was putting a new desk together since her old one collapsed. The new one was so sturdy that I had half a mind to hop onto it. I stripped for her to some – any – music and skipped off to the bathroom. When I came out she was still hard at work, trying to wire up the computer. When she had her head under the desk I hopped up on top, sat down, and hiked my knees up. When she looked up, all she said was, “ohhh yes” and immediately her tongue was on my clit just the way I’ve come to like it. Just the I like to come.

This girl totally loves to give the exact ways that I like to receive, and she says I’m the same way – that my giving style matches her receiving style. Giving and receiving, she gave to me later, in the bed and then this morning. She took the puppy out and came back freezing cold, so I welcomed her back into the bed and wrapped myself around her to make her warm, “I’m so comfortable in your arms” she says so often. It was all downhill from there again! Is it possible that she wants sex just as much, if not more than I do? Is this not completely fabulous or what!


4 thoughts on “back to the sex

  1. Allow mr to share a little-known fact about me with you: my favourite colour is yellow.

    And I loved this post.

    xx Dee

  2. My favorite color is yellow too! Also interesting is that I used to use a lemon soap and whenever I was in bed with gf she would say “ahhh lemons”. Who knew lemons were so sexy.

    I love this post, it is a perfect mix of awww and ohhh baby. I am happy for you.

  3. >>>Who knew lemons were so sexy.< << Dude. Lemons are incredibly sexy and sweet and tart and oh man I can’t wait to eat some lemon bars later for realz.

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