Guest Post: Dana

Because I’m vain, and because she likes me.

I love her femininity and the way she wears it well. I love her curves and her breasts and her butt and the way the clothes she wears accentuates all her features. When I come home and find a pair of black heels settled in the nook under my nightstand, I get a chill down my spine because I’m thinking of how her calves look when she wears them.
Her lips are pursed and her smirk is smug when I tell her she’s beautiful. I could kiss the spot beside her neck.. the spot below her hips.. the spot.. everywhere. Everywhere there is a spot that I could kiss because she is the epitome of sexy. I cannot cannot cannot get enough of her. and the sex is not just sex. It is amazing, it is beautiful and hot and I’m always wanting more. But it is not sex. It is something else. Something far more gratifying than I have ever experienced. And it doesn’t feel new. It feels like my favorite pair of jeans that I can never seem to part with. And that’s the best part. Because it’s like my favorite dish. It’s like something I’ve been eating for years and always order when I go out to eat. And it’s always just as satisfying and delicious and it never gets old and it never gets boring and I cannot cannot cannot believe how undeniably lucky I am to have found her.

and I think that what makes us so right for each other… is the way we are honest and natural and real. And harmonious. And on the same wavelength. And I’ve not felt like this.. this pure liking loveness that I feel. This intense and simple adoration makes me full and I cannot begin to describe how much I feel or how powerful I feel — caring about her makes me feel whole and well and satisfied. Like that feeling you get when you can’t wipe that silly grin off your face. Even when you’re pmsing or she’s grumpy or sick or moving or I’m overwhelmed or out of bread or absolutely dog-dead-tired — I still feel enamoured of her. I still feel impressed and amazed and… astounded… and I’m tired of adjectives but it simply must be said that I am happy.


5 thoughts on “Guest Post: Dana

  1. awww…it’s so sickly sweet (in a good way of course) that I may get a toothache.

    And remind me, where did you two meet again?

  2. awww…it’s so sickly sweet (in a good way of course) that I may get a toothache.

    And remind me, where did you two meet again?

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