in which Miss Avarice gets a girlfriend

I have been lucky enough to be able to sleep in the same bed with Dana every night since we met. It doesn’t feel like a new relationship, it just feels like we have always been together. It feels like we have known each other for years and year yet only just met. She’s Jewish, and I really like that I’m able to share that with her. The church of which my family was a member when I was younger used to celebrate all of the Jewish holy days because our faith comes from theirs. I found a little book for passover – an activity that the childcare people had for me, and my mother kept it. I want to read scripture with her. I want to discover the Torah with her and eat latkes.

Dana has 2 cats and a dog – I know what you’re thinking. Miss Avarice has violent hatred for cats, and pets in general. But her kitties are happy and clean and only mildly mischievous. Her dog is a chihuahua named Pete – he’s exactly what I asked for, too – short haired and small. I get along with the cats really well, too. They come over when I call to them and they snuggle me and generally enjoy my presence. I’ve gifted her with some of my excess, too – curtains, dishes, bedsheets, things that were cluttering my life but now I get to enjoy them with her and not having to worry about where to stash them.

The new crash pad has not been so fabulous. The fags are in the bathroom like 24/7, or at least in the times that I wish I were in the bathroom. I did not realize it was 3 beds 1 bath before I moved in – should have checked on that first. We’ve spent part of our time there, but I’ve truly enjoyed staying with Dana. I hang out at her place while she’s at work cooking healthy meals for her, and cleaning, and plotting my attack for when she gets home. We’ve shared some stresses together… homework, roommates, problems in cash flow. But it feels like we have always been us.

My favorite part about the whole ordeal is that I don’t get butterflies in my stomach about it. I miss her when she’s gone, and I love her when she’s near. We talk and talk and touch and cuddle and enjoy being with one another. But it is not that dire, earth shattering love that ruins lives. It’s a simple, uncomplicated love that allows us to both live our lives together. We’ve been compiling a list of hotties, too. We’ve listed people who would be possible sexual partners and it’s nice to be allowed attraction to other people. If you stifle it, if you hold it down, it compresses and becomes more dense and intense, but if you let it go, if you simply say it and acknowledge it, then it doesn’t blow up into something unmanageable.

I couldn’t be more pleased. My love for her began as a tentative wish for her companionship and grows on a daily basis. The more I see her, the more I learn about her, and the more of our lives we share, the better things are getting. It’s a waking dream.


2 thoughts on “in which Miss Avarice gets a girlfriend

  1. Honey, I am absolutely delighted for you! (You probably knew that, but I wanted to say so anyhow.)

    xx Dee

  2. Honey I’m pleased for you. So very pleased. This is just in thing or spring. You can picnic and walk in parks and ride bikes! Love is amazing in pairs.

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