I’m terribly sorry that I have been lacking in posts. A friend of mine, Stefanie, has hit a really rough spot and I’ve been doing my best to help her through it when her family (of which I am an honorary member) has all but ignored her and called it her own damn fault. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, but when a family member is in this kind of need, the blame is on those who do not lend a helping hand. Period.

Also, I’ve been busy continuing to figure things out with Dana. We’re enjoying each other’s company with more and more ease instead of nervousness, but I think we are still struggling to feel a sense of security with one another. Again, this will come with time. Unfortunately I have come to the conclusion that I am severely allergic to her apartment – either due to the great dane that slept in her bed for the last year with her ex girlfriend, or due to three animals and two people living in a carpeted studio apartment. Probably a combination of both. I think the bed is also causing her to have really awful congestion, so we are looking for a new bed and I’m thinking of investing in a more powerful vacuum cleaner.

A couple of weeks ago, I was at the doctor’s to get the results of my mononeucleosis tests. The doctor (who knows that I am lesbian, because Dana went with me the first time we saw her) asked me if when my last HIV test was. I froze and turned white, I could feel it! I have never had an HIV test and it totally freaked me out. They drew the blood and sent it off to some anonymous lab to have the anonymous testing done, and I drove over to Dana’s shop to talk to her. I sat in a booth and stewed – why would she ask me that? did I have signs of it? what behaviors could have given me HIV? I couldn’t think of any reasons – I’ve never had sex with men, and I had only had membrane-to-membrane contact with three women up to that point (not counting kissing, and of course I know that one is enough to get infected!). What did I do? I called Jennie. Any time I have a sexual or medical problem, I call Jennie to bitch about it because she’s like the master at making me feel better about it. She reminded me how very few documented cases of female-to-female transmission there has been, and that the biggest risk for “lesbians” is sexual activity with an infected male, or needle sharing. (GMHC: Women, Sex & HIV) I was instantly relieved, and obviously today I found out that the test came back negative. Thank God. Really. Thank Him.

Speaking of God, Dana and I went to the Passover seder with the Hillel chapter at my university. It was nice to be in the presence of people who share her faith (and mine, technically speaking). We have spent some time mulling over scriptures (new and old), and we have determined to memorize some of them together to grow in unity. I’m looking forward to the next Jewish holiday.

And that folks, is your update.

P.S. Her finger (I found out it was only one, oops!) has really been hitting the spot lately, and I’m learning to like it more and more. I think we’ll be going um. Shopping soon. Whee!


2 thoughts on “updates

  1. U-Haul Syndrome and they need to come up with a name for the ring syndrome too. Those stereotypes (same with all stereotypes) exist for a reason.


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