Escape! Freedom!

rant. The move went as well as it could. He tried to tell me that the house was a mess all the time and that it was embarrassing to him when his mother would come over, and that he tried to work with Stefanie but that she would not cooperate, and that I owe him the rent for the rest of the months that I’m skipping out on. All of these things are untrue. I was at the house several days while she was staying there and it was never anything but his dirt and filth. My belongings were moved around, my empty boxes were put in the dirt under the house for me to scavenge for. When I needed help with my cousin living with me, he wouldn’t work with me. In any case, all of his niceties were a lie and he really doesn’t know how to treat tenants. On top of the place being covered in a layer of filth. I’m out and I don’t have to think about it anyore. I don’t have to move again for 13 months. hooray!

Now, a whole list of to do’s! So. Tired. Dana has been so great throughout the whole thing. She and Stefanie have even been working on “mystery errands” which I presume have something to do with my upcoming birthday next week on Thursday. We’re going to The Cheesecake Factory – I just might wear my black dress from the NYC trip last october. It will require a new sash – what color do you think? I’ll probably go with red or blue.

By the way, if you link to me and I’m not linking back, pipe up and tell me so!


3 thoughts on “Escape! Freedom!

  1. Even when leaving a bad situation, moving is a big undertaking, it appears you had a good crew helping out though.

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