Women’s PSI – I’m bound for NYC

Women’s Power, Surrender & Intimacy in New York City, June 20-22

After an absence of several years this powerful exploration into the nature of trust, exquisite attention and heightened sensations returns. Join with like-minded women who are ready to go beyond the life ordinary.

In a grounded, respectful container discover and clarify edges of liberation, empowerment and embodiment. Learn to recognize aspects of yourself that are continually engaged in power dynamics, and hence become more choiceful about how you can share power with compassion and skill. Led by Alex Jade.

I am absolutely thrilled to be going to the Body Electric School’s course on Power, Surrender and Intimacy! I’ve been searching for a plane ticket and sorting things out at work and at home – It’s time to hit the road again. Of course you will all be aware of my true need for travel and adventure and this weekend trip hits the spot – a sexuality workshop that promises to take me “beyond the life ordinary.”

I have work off, and I don’t have to come back until Tuesday night so I have all day Monday to gallavant around town! Hoorah! I’m truly excited to exercise my bottomy tendencies and explore the power of give-and-take, and that delicate balance of consent. Wahoo!


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