I’m sorry that it has been nearly a week now since I last posted, but I have had some interesting developments lately. First of all, I’m completely flipped out and ecstatic about the PSI coming up. Secondly, I have to see the oh bee gee why en! in the morning. Thankfully Dana will be with me. I was there when she had her visit a couple weeks ago – she was a little nervous but it went perfectly well. I’m not excited about the cold ducklips, but I am excited to start revisiting the treatment of my PCOS. It has been a long time since I thought seriously on it, and tried to see about resolving some of the issues. I basically stopped getting my period several years ago and I went through a grieving period. Now, I live with a 3 year old, and I’m perfectly content to be child free for the rest of my life. I mean. I’ll probably change my mind later in life. Whatevs.

Also, Dana and I met up with the famous Essin’ Em for some sun bathing and mixed drinks by the pool. She was in South Florida vacationing with her family and we had the privilege of rescuing her from TMFT (too much family time) for a little bit of debauchery. I’ve had some writer’s block and I can’t remember everything, but suffice to say that at one point the tables had turned. Dana was tied up to the end of the bed with me straddling her hips and Em was flogging my back and Dana’s legs. That was the highlight of my night, unless you count Dana fucking me as I reclined into Em’s embrace. Woohoo!

Dana had a little bit of a hard time afterwards trying to come to terms with the fact that it was okay to have fun with another girl, and that it’s okay to think another girl is pretty, even though she’s with me. Today she is doing much better. Remember how I was with Crave? She had a case of those same blues but it was milder and went away quicker.

On the drive home from the Atlantic coast (we live on the Gulf coast) we talked about all the highlights, and we asked “was it ok when i …?” and “did you like it when i …?” I think we might have finally converted Dana – whee! I told her she could pick the next one 😛

My housing situations is feeling better and better – I split my time between Dana’s apartment and mine. The child is perfectly charming… except I think I caught his first-week-of-preschool cold. Ugh. Toddler sniffles!

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