She can’t help it, she’s an alcoholic!

Ok, you’ve got me, I’ve been very naughty to have avoided the blog for what? It has been over a week now and I have only posted once in May. Forgive me. I have been helping Dana work through a lot of issues. She has had a disappointing job search so far, with few leads and she is terribly frustrated in her current position at work. I’m also trying to figure out things with Stefanie. She has secured a full time, work-from-home job as a power point expert and web designer. The company is thoroughly pleased with her work, and put her on their company cell phone plan and cut her a paycheck in advance right away. WOo! That solves some of our money problems. Basically it means we are paying back her car payments and at some point we will pay back her overdrawn bank account. Things are righting themselves. If only we can get her out of this lengthy, complex drug program and into something workable for single moms. The program exists, she just has to convince the judge of that next week.

Overall, I feel very balanced in the midst of all the chaos. I do not feel overstressed. I am helping, yet not taking on the burdens of other people. Things at work are pretty hectic, but overall I still get to go home at the end of the day and forget about all the people who tried to steal my energies.

I leave you with Fitzwilliam, the prettiest little English girl since Orlando Bloom:


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