invasion of privacy, to start with

My brother got robbed last night while he was out, he woke me at 6 a.m. to tell me so. I am now trying to figure out if there is indeed any way that I can help him. I am already maxed out financially with the last 2 months of Stefanie and the baby so I won’t be able to contribute much of anything at all except occasional shelter and some food. I feel like a bad sister, but the Tea business is not exactly what I’d call employment and he’s been an entrepreneur of sorts for the longest time that it will be hard to transition back to gainful employment wherein one reports to some authority.

His other alternative is living with my aunt who verbally abuses him, manipulates him with her access to our trust fund, telling him that he is worthless.

How did he get the short end of the stick? All I can think is that no one believed in him as a kid. I did. I always did. But people didn’t stick up for him. It was my father’s family who did not stick up for him. They called my mother a bad mom saying that she was too easy on him. Well you know what? When everyone else is trying to abandon you, you are lucky if at least your mom still loves you.

But I’m not made of money, or time, or enough compassion to foster the wellbeing of so many people. I do not really even have the resources to get myself out of credit card debt right now and that is my main priority.

Dear God, I either need grace to be “not enough” or the resources to become “enough”.


2 thoughts on “invasion of privacy, to start with

  1. Ouch.. tough one. That sucks that he got robbed.

    Sometimes being asked for help, especially when helping isn’t easy, can be really overwhelming.

    Hope everything works out for him without making things crazy for you.

  2. I’m so sorry, dearie. You seem like you’re stretching very thin. Everything always seems to come at once doesn’t it? 😦

    I’d really like to see you this weekend if you have time. I had unannounced friends of his come visit at the last moment last weekend and got stuck. Love you.

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