As we started the workshop on Friday, I listened to the facilitator talk about how it is an advanced workshop. Miss Avarice, so recently deflowered, so inexperienced and green, sitting amongst all these grown up women who have had many a partner, and many of whom are sex workers themselves (pro dommes, sexological bodyworkers, etcetera). And there’s little old me, Miss Avarice, anonymous sexuality blogger, quaking in my panties and wondering whether or not I were truly prepared for the experiences that were forthcoming.

Turns out, I was totally ready.

In fact, I didn’t find that it was altogether very difficult. Some parts were very revealing, I exposed so much of myself. But it is such a very special, such a very quiet and safe place to do so. I already knew and trust so many of the women there, who had participated in my very first Body Electric School workshop. I knew and trusted the staff, the facilitator, and the space. Every exercise that we practised, I was able to gain new confidence in my self. I feared nothing.

Yesterday was kinda hard. My spirit was still kinda floating outside my body, trying to fit itself within the borders of my skin (think Peter Pan trying to get his shadow reattached). Today though, I am reintegrated and feeling so ready.

I can’t wait to get home, and start planning or Dana’s birthday!


2 thoughts on “advancement

  1. I keep reading all this stuff about PRIDE all over the country and I’m getting SO excited to go on Saturday! I can’t wait!!!

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