Westward Fever

I’ve been catching Westward Fever. Gradually, but surely. Late last year some time Kay and Ash started planning on going out west. Portland, specifically. Sol and Autumn had also planned a trek toward the Pacific. I wasn’t so keen on the idea at first, but the South has been sneaking further and further out of my good graces, what with the anti-intellectualism and anti-feminist harrassment of my university administrators. Not to mention the outright racism of Southern people, and the local government’s neglect and mishandling of social justice problems.

The whole time I was visiting Crave, she was planning for a scouting trip with her best friend, up and down the West coast to decide on a city, or a region whereto relocate. I’m totally jealous and I want to go with them in a bad way. Of course I can’t, but I can dream from home. I’ve been looking up Portland on the internet, and dreaming about Seattle this afternoon and I’m totally hooked. I mean, I don’t want to leave the South and join all the other intellectuals in a safe haven wherein to huddle, hoping that the rest of the country will start tagging along, but I’m no Jesus, I’m no Mother Theresa. I am not here to save the world, I can simply look out for myself and the ones I love.

The earliest I would be able to go out West is probably May of next year, which is hopefully when I will graduate with my WST degree (if, that is, my university stops cancelling classes and thwarting feminist thought). Maybe by then, if I have and keep this goal to move, I will be stable enough financially to pick up and make this profound change to my life. Moving Westward will also mean massage school. I’ve been really wanting to go to massage school for probably 3-4 years now, ever since Kay came back into my life and she showed my the wonders of body work. I am ready for the fulfilling work of healing people. It is indeed my heart’s desire, and my soul’s basic purpose.


5 thoughts on “Westward Fever

  1. Have visited friends in Seattle several times and it is beautiful. I heard the UW out there is particular supportive of feminist scholarship, but don’t know how true that is.

  2. I am thinking about heading to the West Coast as well. Oregon and Seattle are my two main cities right now, but I wouldn’t mind California either.

    Just in the time I’ve been reading your blog you have evolved and grown so much… I think a move would be really fitting for you in the near future and hope it would enable you to spread your wings even further!

  3. *Eugene, Oregon. You know, cities, states… same deal right. Where else would I go in Oregon anyway, I mean,Eugene is kind of a given. Hah.

  4. I’m definately feeling the “west bug.” Tampa is eating me alive and I’m itching to get get get outttt. I’m just ready for a change– a new pace and new goal– something to explore. I want to get in the car and drive.

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