Happy Freaking Pride!

Happy Freaking Pride, y’all!

Dana and I got up at an ungodly hour (9 a.m.) to drive across the bridge to the neighboring city where our metro area PRIDE is held. I’m a notorious pen stealer, especially when they’re being offered for free (think, dentist, doctor, work, etc.) so we grabbed a healthy stack of them. Hmmm. Fresh pens! We also visited a wine tasting booth, listened to a gal named Julie Schurr (t-shirt, autograph, album, picture for Dana) and walked around simultaneously window shopping and trying to keep me away from the ATM.

Fun times, let me tell you! We’re off to dinner at a Turkish restaurant downtown, fighting off a thunderstorm.

P.S. Dana was drooling over the cute little babies and I was melting over sexy “older” lesbians. Omg. The dyke uniform. It’s the standard for a reason. I’m melting again just thinking about it!

P.P.S. We also bumped into Marian a couple times. Girl’s made some progress but she’s still chasing around girls who aren’t interested in her. Terribly tragic.


One thought on “Happy Freaking Pride!

  1. I wanted to point out that I was mainly drooling over the DOGS which I also call “babies”– SO HA (and doing a healthy dose of checking out the lesbians, mind you!)

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