more than you think, less than you think.

I had the pleasure of coming out to an old friend last night. It has been several months since we talked, so she hasn’t heard a thing about me having a girlfriend, or moving, or anything. We went to youth group together, and we attended the same high school (although I graduated 2 years earlier than she). But you know I am constantly amazed at the love and acceptance that I have encountered from these women who grew up with me, who knew I “struggled”. I’m telling that now that I do not struggle, but rather embrace and dream and see. And they’re taking me as I am, and going to good, warm places with me. They’re not abandoning me, or calling me crazed.

I had always been a truth seeker. My search brought me to the discovery that more of what we think are lies are actually true. And the reverse – much of we take to be the truth is a lie.

Find your truths, kids.


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