I would tell you how she eased her cock so gently into my cunt. If I wanted to, I would describe the weight of her hips rocking closer to me. I could give an account of the sweet way she worked her cock for exactly the third time ever.

But what I really want to tell you about is what happened afterward. Reclining on her back, she was resting from all her hard work, I flung my hair out of the way (it has grown quite long) and brought my hand down to where the leather straps were so tightly fastened around her waist, glutes, legs. I brushed my fingers over her labia, feeling how wet the show of my orgasm had made her, and finally pressed my fingers into her cunt. From there, my lips quickly found her cock, and I graced the two – cunt and cock – at the same time. Immediately, the obvious moan of her pleasure rose from her body. I love the way she takes to my fingers, or my mouth, or whatever the instrument of choice, allowing her body to be soothed by my affections.

We have a question for all of you – blog readers and writers. Some butches and transmen say that they can “feel” their cock when they ar wearing it. That the touch gives a certain sensation even though it’s not physically attached. Is this cultivated? Does it have to do with the degree to which one identifies with a masculine persona? Is there a spectrum of how trans or not trans a butch can be, and if you lean to the trans side of things then it gives you pleasure to have girls touching your cock and if you’re on the genuine butch woman side, then not so much? How does this all work? Having an answer to that question would be so very helpful. Sin? Dylan? anyone? What’s this all about?

7 thoughts on “reconnecting

  1. it does not have to do with the degree one cultivates a masculine persona – it has to do with the degree to which one is cock-identified. those are different things.

    for me, those things absolutely go together. but they aren’t mutually reliant.

    I know femmes who are WAY more into their cocks than I am. I know transmen who don’t ever strap on. I know butches who don’t strap on, I know butches who do. there’s no forumla here.

    loving to strap on, loving your cock sucked, loving to rock a girl to orgasm pelvis-to-pelvis, doesn’t make you trans, doesn’t make you male, doesn’t make you anything except cock-identified, cock-centric, cock-sure, cock-playful. feeling trans is what makes you trans (not that I can really define “feeling trans,” but it’s not necessarily built on any cock-centricity).

  2. hmm, i can’t much help you with your question…though i will say i think it’s a very psychological thing and the line between that and physical is much thinner than people tend to think.

    but what i really wanted to say is – god, that’s so sexy. i so miss sucking girl cock.

  3. Hey does that mean I kinda touched Dana’s cock when I felt Tex for authenticity that one day? Teehehe. And I didn’t even buy her breakfast afterwards.. haha.

  4. feeling your cock is an emotional/psychological connection that i think it does take time to form. for some, it will be an immediate connection in correlation with their gender identity, but like sinclair, i know some femmes who are way more connected to their cock than others who present masculinely. and i know butches and transman who would never use a strap on. it just has to do with what you like in bed and maybe more importantly, what kind of sensations your partner likes in bed.

    i also think it’s contextual. the more the person i am with helps me feel like that cock is really mine, part of me, that they see it AS me, the more i can feel it as well. some of it is physical sensation from the strap on, some is the visual pleasure of watching it all happen, but i’d say most is a huge mental turn on.

  5. Gorgeous post, Miss Avarice – I loved reading it.

    And here’s a slightly different answer to your question. I don’t wear silicone cocks, as they don’t feel right to me (and for the most part, I don’t wish to have a cock). That said, with one of my partners – male bodied – we reverse genitalia regularly: I have a cock and he has a cunt. Both are ‘invisible’ and not bio – pretty much they’re imagined. But they’re strongly imagined – and we both feel like we have those genitals while we are together.

    So if I can feel sensations on my cock with it not physically present, I would imagine that it’s also possible to feel sensations on a cock that’s present but not bio. If that makes sense πŸ™‚

    (I’ve been trying to write a post about this for quite some time, but can’t find the words. It’s rather frustating, especially when it all happens so very easily in person.)

    xx Dee

  6. Connected to the cock.
    Most definitely (second hand knowledge for me but still I think credible) is a mental thing.
    If you are both “in your heads” about the fucking then you are both going there on that level, as real as you want it to be.

    I have been with people who feel their cock more than others, and in turn, I feel them feeling it.

  7. Thanks everyone for all of the great comments. I think I am starting to get a better understanding of it all. The main I think I’m interested is time and practise. πŸ™‚

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