two things

sex is so freaking good right now. i didn’t think we could have a successful repeat of the cock endeavor of last night. lemme just tell you people. it was fantastic

and the other thing. sex makes me so hungry! dana made this amazing mushroom stuffing, with broccoli and baked chicken. fabulous.

i’m going to go bask! ahh. so great.


4 thoughts on “two things

  1. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one made insanely hungry by good sex! The better the sex, the more hungry I am…

  2. Good sex and good food, how much better can life be. Good sex makes me really hungry too… not directly afterward, as much as when I’m having good sex, I crave really decadent rich things… like big steaks, chocolate cake, things rich in flavor. Mmm. I think the drives get confused and the malfunction sends them ALL into over drive.

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