to touch or not to touch. gross hairy men.

After simmering in my irritability for the first half of the month in reference to my choice of a career, my future plans, my desire to get the hell outta dodge, I’ve settled into the fact that I’m goign to be here for awhile longer. I no longer having that “flight” reaction to my current employment situation.

Surely my mood has to do with all of the things I’ve been doing to feed my desire for change. I bought a massage therapy textbook and I’ve been working through it. I gave Kay a massage as a practice run and she said that I was already as good, if not better than some students would have been with a month or two worth of class time. So. Sounds promising right? Well. The only problem with being an MT is that it is largely a female profession with a significant male clientele. So. I’m signing up to touch boys all day. Ew. Sweaty, hairy boys.

So! I’ve decided to start practice on all my favorite gay boys to start off with. As long as I can be comfortable with them, I’m sure I can make the leap to hairy gross old men, right? Uh. We’ll see. We’ll see. Kip is a truly adorable boy, though. His boyfriend Joel was in my Politics of Women’s Health class. Actually, Joel is one degree between me and Dana – craazy! He works in the same plaza where Dana works as a sandwich craftsperson. Once I met her, Dana started talking to Joel about me and he realized who I was before he and I had ever really made acquaintances in class. Weird.

But Kip is Joel’s boyfriend and they are ever so cute – very cuddly and clean, and he has a friend who is also a massage therapist. Apparently he himself has also been the guinea pig for many a massage student. We’re having a date tomorrow afternoon for my first try at touching boy leg hairs. and arm hairs and back. Maybe he won’t have a hairy back, do you think? I was sure to remind him that I have not even taken intro to “do you wanta degree in?” massage yet and so I don’t really have any basic strokes. He seems willing to oblige my curiosities anyway.

I’m totally nervous because I have given so few massage with so little instruction. But like I’ve said before, I am a healer with healing hands and it is the intent of my heart. How could I go wrong?


2 thoughts on “to touch or not to touch. gross hairy men.

  1. Haha, yeah that concern always left me feeling a little ick about massage. I’m not sure I could stomach some of the clientele. Jamie and I went to this massage parlor in NSB to do some graphic design stuff and after a day of seeing all the fat old hairy tourists that came through the door I had lost my taste for it.

    But if you need any more male bodies to practice on I volunteer Robbie. He’s not gay, haha. But he’s not hairy and he smells very nice. :o)

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