Logo’s Big Gay Sketch Show has a sketch about Suze Orman’s television financial planning show wherein Julie Goldman is dressed up in her business casual best talking to lesbian callers about their financial troubles. One caller had a volunteer position, another made pretty close to minimum wage – the stories were pitiful. She was especially concerned to hear when lesbians weren’t saving for retirement. The sketch, totally hi-larious. Nearing financial ruin at an ever increasing pace, not so hilarious.

Tuesday I saw a financial planner. I checked out my score online, I calculated my debts and assets, and I prepared myself for bad news. On the contrary, I’m actually not doing so bad. I have money in a 401k with my company, I’m not completely illiterate when it comes to financial options, and I’ve got a lot of ambition. I’m in full blown debt-smashing mode. I’m ready to opening a Roth IRA (for the poor folks!) and I’m sending more and more of my money back into my credit cards. Two trips to NYC in the past 12 months had me on the edge. Being financially responsible for my beloved cousin and her son for two months really tipped things over the edge. She’s paying me back, but I’m realizing that I will have to pay back my creditors faster than she can pay me back. Basicaly, I need to pay back my debts yesterday. I cringe thinking about all the money that has gone into interest which I could have been saving! Avoid interest-charging debt like the plague people! Don’t touch it, don’t even go near it!

Now is the best time to redirect the financial path you’re on. I’ve been working through some of Suze Orman’s Financial Planning Workbook. Some of the exercises are a little funny, especially the one where I have to repear my financial mantra 75 times per day. I don’t have time for that. But the exercises helped me figure out my greatest money fear:

I’m afraid of being stuck in a job that I hate just because it pays the bills, which also means that I can’t have very much fun.

I think this stems from my mother because throughout her life I’ve rarely seen her spoil or pamper herself on little things (much less extravagant things) to reward herself for her perseverance. She’s always held on to her cash because she needed it to pay a bill, to buy needful things rather than spending it on folly. My backlash to this has been to overspoil myself on a rather frequent basis because I don’t believe that I deserve to do without the things that I want. Hence, credit card debt.

So, my financial mantra is:

I have an emotionally fulfilling job that meets my needs and allows me to spoil myself on occasion.

This is affirmation doesn’t work without my effort, obviously, but I definitely confident and capable of achieving this kind of lifestyle. It’s coming, folks. I can feel it! I’m ready for it, I welcome that easy lifestyle that gives me the things I need and doesn’t hold me back from the things I want, all the while working a job that feeds my spirit with positive things.

Speaking of which, I applied to a job with a trade school here in town as a recruiter. How can you go wrong with an education? I can’t sell TV’s or porcelain figurines, or used cars, but I’m sure I can sell the benefits of an education. A definable skill, a clear career path, and greater earning capability. Here’s hoping that I can get an afternoon or morning interview rather than an evening one that I’d have to call out of work at my current job to attend.


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