guess what!

I ______________________________, certify that I, and ______________________________ became domestic partners on ______________, and we:

1. have an intimate, committed relationship of mutual caring, and
2. currently share the same regular and permanent residence, and
3. are jointly responsible for “basic living expenses, as defined below, and
4. are not legally married, and
5. are each eighteen (18) years of age or older, and
6. are not related by blood closer than would bar marriage in the state of residence, and
7. were mentally competent to consent to contract when our domestic partnership began, and
8. are each other’s sole domestic partner and are responsible for each other’s common welfare and intend to remain so indefinitely.

“Basic living expenses” means the cost of basic food, shelter and any other expenses of a Domestic Partner which are paid at least in part by a program or benefit for which the partner qualified because of the Domestic Partnership. The individuals need not contribute equally or jointly to the cost of these expenses as long as they agree that both are responsible for the cost.

ya know, honestly i think that this is the only type of union that is appropriate for me. or for anyone else, but i’ll make the rest of y’all make that decision. the only stipulation that it makes is that i can’t have another domestic partnership until six months after the last one ended. that’s reasonable. that’s a measure of personal responsibility. if you’re hopping from partner to partner, getting benefits for all, you’re causing beaurocratic paperwork (wastin’ trees!) and kinda cheating the system and cheating yourself. anyway. i think it’s pretty legit now, folks. we do share bills, groceries, living space and mutual caring – if i meet all the requirements, why not do it? oh, one final note:

indefinite: without limit; forever, or until further notice; not definite; vague or unclear; undecided or uncertain.


One thought on “guess what!

  1. so…are you partnered? 😉

    i love that this is completely unspecific as to the type of relationship involved. it could be your best-friend/roommate if you wanted.

    i’ve said it before, but i love the “indefinite” part. i totally used what you said about this before to explain to my girl that me being terrified of “forever” didn’t mean i had any designs or interest in being other than we are. it worked out wonderfully, too! =)

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