stressed. overstressed.

i should tell you quickly, before I rush off to work that Dana has a friend working as a technical writer / editor for a company in a neighboring metropolis and she submitted her application today since the company is looking to hire someone entry level – within ten years all of the other writers will have retired!

i was up all night wednesday night fretting over how much a hate my job. that is usually a sign that it’s time to quit and go somewhere else, but at this point money has a choke hold on me. i’m good at my job, i’m a fantastic worker, but i’m missing out on my college experience, and i’m pimping out my emotions for this call center job. i feel like i’m doling out my sympathies in return for money. I’m drained.

so i called out yesterday and submitted about 15 applications online. by the way, is full of pure bologna. I had much better luck with the other sites.

i took Dana to school with me yesterday and we put up fliers about the ex girlfriend’s motorcycle which she dumped on us three months ago. we want it out of our lives now, do you hear me universe??

and i want an emotionally fulfilling job that meets me needs, dammit!

best wishes to y’all. regularly scheduled smut, gender commentary and cultural critiques will resume soon. when? I’m not exactly sure.


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