fingers, ugh.

Dana cut her right index finger. Sad! And it’s her good hand, too! There was an accident with the meat slicer at work, and the first thing I asked when I got there to drive her to the walk in clinic was, “did you cut it off or just cut it? She assured me that it was just a flap. I won’t lie, it’s a pretty bad cut that required four stitches and a tetanus shot, but luckily her uninsured self is indeed insured by worker’s compensation law. thank god. the doctor who stitched her up could have been queer, but there wasn’t any hard evidence. thankfully everything was free, including the script for pain meds — which means… We got free darvocet! Hah! Not that I would ever break the law and take someone else’s prescription. *wink*

We went to see the local vaudeville/burlesque show Saturday night, which was pretty great. It was a little too zombie-centric and I’m really not into the living dead so I was disappointed by that. But there were lots of cute girls in bras and underwear and lots and lots of lesbians. woo! I should say, though, the drinks at this particular club are awful. If you’re not getting a shot or a beer, don’t even waste your money. Worst cosmopolitan I’ve ever had, with the exception of the one time the old man behind the bar though a cosmopolitan was vodka and grenadine. Nope! Try again.

There was even one who was about the size, shape and age of Crave and it made me miss her a little bit. I’m ever so fond of her girl-boyness. Crave and I are spirits that speaks the same language, sometimes we chance to meet in a forest clearing where the sun shines down and we share precious few words together. I don’t think even we know why or by what means we are so drawn to each other. Strangers.

It was nice to have a date with Dana, to be out and about in public. In the morning I have sooo much homework to do, and I am not looking forward to it. Whoever decided that college should be so much work? Am I just a slacker? I mean. I only work 35 hours a week, but I still feel overwhelmed by all the homework. Blegh. Of course it is women’s studies – notorious for tons and tons of mostly redundant, although very interesting, articles and books. We shall see.

Miss you all dearly! Love and kissies!

2 thoughts on “fingers, ugh.

  1. Oh no, poor Dana! I hope that it heals quickly, especially since it's her good hand.
    I'm glad that you had a great time at the burlesque show, I am itching to go another one, I loved the one we went to months ago (Murray Hill).

    I feel for you with the amount of homework you're swimming through, I have the same problem & so does gf. We are so over it.

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