Get a gender!!

I realize that I’ve missed Monday, and thus “Monday” Meals for Males. I’m sorry. I’ll try to do it tomorrow! Right now I would like to tell you about this young person that we saw skateboarding on Sunday. We went to Denny’s for breakfast on Sunday afternoon (it’s actually a very good restaurant, as far as breakfast goes, but only this particular location). As we were driving through the parking lot, we saw a group of what we assumed to be young men. Teenage boys. As is customary of white teenagers in this moment, they all had long hair, tight jeans, and black band t-shirts. We have been talking about gender, and how to be a “good enough” man or woman (or whatever) and I am totally supportive of whatever gender you choose. Dana mused, “is that a boy or a girl!” and I was like, “clearly, it’s a boy” although I was not sure which one she was pointing to because they were all mildly ambiguous. After lunch we went around the back roads on the way to the bank and we encountered the same young person that Dana had pointed out. I instantly recognized why she was so confused about what gender the person was. He was wearing a rainbow headband and had shoulder-length, flat-ironed, crazy wild dyed-black hair. In jest, I couldn’t help but exclaim “get a gender!” — not to him, just in the car. The young person was probably male, and was probably performing his gender in was that are appropriate to his peers. I feel old.


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