one in a million.

I miss my mother. She lost her job a few weeks ago due to her department being integrated into another larger department at the hospital. She was fired unjustly because whoever was in charge neglected to properly equip her department for the job they were being asked to do. Basically, one of the computer programs that is necessary for her job required a password. They were never allowed to have the password so when they had to use this particular program, they had to walk across the parking lot to an entirely different building to use a computer there, and then walk back to their own office to complete the task. They said she was not fast enough a the job.

Another name on my hit list, seriously. Because you don’t mess with mama. These idiots don’t realize that every last one of my mother’s previous employers have begged her to stay. They would fire whoever replaced her just so they could have her back. You don’t fire my mother for what you deem “poor performance” when you have not provided her with such a simple thing as a password to the software that is required for her job.

I guess she’s appealing the wording of the termination letter. Honestly. For a woman of her age, getting fired makes it doubly hard to find a job that pays the bills, couldn’t they have simply called it a lay-off? I swear, my mother left Florida because of the hustle and bustle and all the rude drivers and nasty waitstaff, but I’ve never heard of such utter disrespect, and absolute bullshit business practices! I told her to bring her situation to the attention of some kind of city or county representative in case something could be done.

You don’t fucking fire my mother.

Sent her lavender roses with purple alstromeria today to cheer her.

2 thoughts on “one in a million.

  1. It is terrible…but unfotunitely it happens everyday. Older women are let go to be replaced by younger, faster, (did I say younger?) women…

    It isn’t fair and if it can be proved…their are places that will fight for her rights(NAACP). She might gve them a call…

    Good luck

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