when it rains, it pours.

I’m having a hard time you guys.

10/10 is when my dad died, to start things off.

on top of that, work had a “clarifying conversation” with me tonight, which is the first step in a very long process that culminates in getting fired if you don’t get the hint to resign quick enough. It’s because my job is collections, and I don’t like taking money from poor people even when they signed up to be robbed anyway.

worried about my mom’s job sitch, too.

And I had an appointment with the my PCP and all seemed fine until labwork came back saying that my Hemoglobin A1c was higher than it was when they started treatment for diabetes. normal range is like under “5” and mine went from 6.5 to 7.5 in the past six months. It was definitely not a drastic change, nor was it over a short period of time, but a lab nurse called the next day and was trying to force me into taking another medicine. I wanted to know what it was for, I wanted to know why the doctor picked that medicine over another medicine, and I wanted to know for chrissakes why I’m 24 years old with relative good health and taking 7 pills a day. The number keeps rising every 2 months and I swear to the gods it has to STOP somewhere. It has to.

On top of my health, Dana’s has several pretty worrisome health concerns that are too private to talk about in this space. And there’s nothing I can do to help, so I just have to be as supportive as I can and try not to let it all overwhelm me.

I’m probably not doing so great emotionally at the moment because this is day 2 back on my birth control pills which is to regulate my period. I have polycystic ovary syndrome according to the doctors who could find no cysts (yet a disease involving cysts was their diagnosis as to why I don’t get a period unless it’s pharmaceutically induced?). SO starting a new pill pack after having been off it since June due to a screw up at the pharmacy after my annual checkup. Not fun.

Add to all this the school work I’m supposed to be doing. And the guilt I feel over the fact that half of my medical problems are actually preventable with appropriate diet and exercise. I feel like my collections job is actually causing my health to decline. Stress levels raise insulin and cortisol and all that stuff, causing me to gain wait, and then my PCOS gets bad… It’s all interrelated and I feel like I have no control over it even though it’s technically controllable without the use of drugs.

And what do I do about my job? I hate my job and I think this conversation with my boss tonight was basically the universe saying “HEY! Quit whining and go find a new job!” The trouble is that it is not so easy.

Dear the Universe,
I am in very dire need of an emotionally fulfilling job that gives me flexible hours, supports my school schedule, pays my bills, and makes me feel like I am making a difference in the world. I would prefer it to have nothing to do with sales or collections – other people’s money is really not my thing. Please also include health benefits and pto.


Miss A.

2 thoughts on “when it rains, it pours.

  1. Dear Miss A., I am a student midwife, and I deal with all sorts of women’s health issues, not just pregnancy. If you are interested in a more holistic approach to treating the PCOS (which, it sounds like you might be from what you said), I highly recommend the book, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, by Dr. Christiane Northrup. Best of luck to you, and wishing you improved health.

  2. aww, miss avarice, sorry things are tough. hope good things come your way soon. i’ve read the northrup book, that might be a useful suggestion in the comment above.

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