Early Voting

Thursday I took Dana to school with me, and on the way home we detoured to the library closest to our home to take advantage of Florida’s two full weeks of early voting. Two weeks! I say, if you’ve got the polling line blues, early voting is the way to go. I went early because I had the unfortunate experience of a panic attack on the way to the polls last time, fearing the lines and having trouble deciding (trouble deciding? I was in a much different place in life at that point, so yeah). I knew there would be a line, but it would be nothing like November 4. I didn’t want a repeat of last time, and I was anxious to cast my vote for the democratic nominee, Senator Barack Obama.

I’m anxious to halt this dynasty of white moneyed bigots.

So! If you have the opportunity to early vote, please do! Before you go to the polls, check out all the candidates, especially the nonpartisan tickets and find out where they stand on issues that are important to you. Don’t go into your booth empty handed! Have your sample ballot, have a piece of paper with your notes on it.

Vote for love and against hate in your state!


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