Election Day Blues

Election Day was not a fantastic day for me, although it ended on a high note.

I woke up at 6:30 (after having lain in bed for some time, half awake) grinding my teeth with nerves. I simply could not sleep. I took the early morning hours to try out some biscuits. I substituted margarine for shortening, but they didn’t turn out so great so I’ll have to try them again with real shortening! I’m not a big fan of shortening though, because it’s made of mostly hydrogenated oils – very bad for you! Made breakfast for Dana: bacon, eggs, grits and biscuits, which she appreciated very much.

After having called the realtor twice on Monday night, Tuesday I called him on the way to school. No response. I went to his office and he was not there, so his colleague called him. Twice, while I waited. Finally he calls back after having tried to contact him now five times, saying that the woman who was there right after us gave the deposit. Fuck.

But here’s what happened Monday night, he arrived there, followed by a woman whom we took to be his wife or colleague, who was also looking around the house. As we left, the realtor said, “alright, I’ve got to get to another showing. goodnight” and he shooed us out the back door. Apparently that was the woman who took the house. He gave us no indication that anyone else was interested, and made it seem like he’d be glad to hear from me on Wednesday. Is that not sneaky and rude to you? It was to me, anyhow. We were disappointed that it took him five phone calls to inform us that the house was taken, after we had been up all night fretting about whether or not to take it. I do -not- make decisions on the first day, EVER. Last time I did that, I ended in the place we shall not name, where I lived before I moved in with my cousin Stefanie. Evil place.

Before I found out about the house, though, my mother called me to ask whether or not I had voted already. I told her I had voted ten days ago. I thought she was calling to tell me how proud she was that I was doing my civic duty, but instead she wanted to say, “I know you voted for Obama, and I’m disappointed because I don’t think you’re really looking at the big picture. You young voters are not taking some important issues into account . . . if Obama wins, things are going to be bad, really bad . . .”

I have not spoken to my mother since the election, I’m going to let her come to me first. I realize she’s conservative, I realize that she was proud to have a female VP candidate, I just wish she knew that I could not let my fate rest in the hands of people who have called me and my tribe sinful. I could not let a man be president who insinuated that he would let the Iraq war go on forever. I definitely do not think that McCain/Palin would have been disastrous, although she feels apocalypse is coming because Obama won. Any person we put in that office is going to be under such great pressure because of their leadership position. Can even our dear Obama be trusted to do what is right for America? Only God knows. We entrust him now with this position of servitude, and we can pray for God to guide his steps.

On top of all that crap, Dana and I were snapping at each other, both being so nervous, and also both having our periods at the same time (which hardly ever happens, actually). And then we found out that proposed Amendment 2 was passed by 62.2% – two thirds of my state thinks I don’t deserve to enter into any legal contract remotely resembling marriage with the person that I love. I don’t get it. It needed 60% to be approved, and it barely surpassed that mark by 2.2%. Do I leave my beloved state, or do I stay to fight? I can’t help but to feel like running away sometimes.

It was a long day, and my only worry is that gas prices will not shoot back up to 4 or 5 dollars any time soon. Lord hear our prayer!


2 thoughts on “Election Day Blues

  1. I’m sorry about that vile amendment passing. I can’t believe so many people still think that way. I saw signs claiming to “protect our children.. vote yes on Amendment 2.” It’s disgusting,really. Me and my boy voted against it. My mother and grandmother both asked me if I was voting.. to which I cheerily agreed “of course!” ..then changed the subject abruptly before they could clarify who for.

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