Christmas Craft Time! Personalized Stockings

The cat children’s Christmas stockings.

Felt Christmas Stocking – seen above, $1 at Big Lots or dollar store (or $1.50 at Wal*Mart)Make sure the stocking is not fuzzy anywhere, you’re going to be stitching it!
Embroidery Floss – Costs less than $1!! (We used green)
Embroidery Fabric – Costs $4 ish, short names can double up on one bookmark. Ours has a green border.

Embroidery Needle – Costs under $1.50
Embroidery Alphabet Pattern – Free! Number Six and seven were nice, but any will do. Just google “Cross Stitch Alphabet Pattern”.
Total Cost: about $8 for the first, $5 for each additional.

You know, now that I got to the instructions, I realized that I’m not sure how to instruct you in the cross stitching… You basically thread the needle, start the needle from the back and make little x’s, following the pattern! Dana did the stitching on the bookmarks and trimmed them down. After she finished, I fastened the strip of fabric to the stocking by stitching a border through both the bookmark and through the white felt (the part that is folded down). I think it looks great! We’re going to get stockings for ourselves as well! Don’t tell – I already have something to put into hers! Teeheehee!


One thought on “Christmas Craft Time! Personalized Stockings

  1. Don’t forget! You have to take apart the floss inorder to stitch! Use 1 or 2 pieces of thread– I usually use 2 because it makes the pattern stand out more! 🙂

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