Another year, another banner – help!

Last year, my dearly treasured Mr. Sexsmith created the lovely banner that you see here.

I have been rather pleased with it for the longest time, and it was one of my most special and unique gifts last December.

Since the NYC Sex Blogger Calendar came out, though, I have been struggling to prepare the new layout for my switcheroo over to because I do not know the interface over there very well, and also because the colors in the banner match my blogger theme and I can’t figure out how to incorporate this theme into the available wordpress themes. Also, it has to be exactly 720 x 180 pixels, which is a different size than the current banner.

So, my darlings, wouldn’t one of you love to craft a new banner for me? My new theme will likely be white, so any photo will do. You can see all of the photos I’ve posted here under label “shots”.

I’ll be ever so glad to send you something in return. My specialties lately have been beer bread and cookies of all sorts. Make your request, and you will find your mailbox filled with home baked goodies. If you’re not the type to eat food from strangers, I’m sure we can work something else out šŸ™‚ I make handmade note cards from nature photos that I have taken, I could send you a ten pack with envelopes! See? The options are endless.

A post about last week’s best threesome ever to come!


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