A brief update

My seasonal part time job wound up working me full time for nearly three weeks! Great for the money, but bad for writing and stuff. Sorry ’bout that. I gatta say, the after Christmas sales have been outrageous. I got a 5 foot Christmas tree for $17 so next year we will have a proper tree. This year Dana made a tree out of construction paper, beer caps, and little pompoms. It was darling, there are pictures, but it was not meant to weather the years unfortunately.

Monday afternoon we adopted a cat. His name is Jacques Cousteau. Don’t blame me, Dana named him after our third favorite song, “Foux du Fa Fa”. We had friends over for the last night of Hannukkah and as we sat on and politely requested noms, which we gladly provided to him. You should have heard the happy noise he made! It sounded like “yum, yum, yum, yum, yum!” Poor guy was so hungry. It took us awhile to figure out his sex, but after our friends left, I noticed his furry little balls, teehee!

I wanted to take him to the vet, and I was perfectly content to leave him outside until such time as I could take him to the vet. Dana used to be a pet bather, though, so she decided that we should take him right away. She brought him inside Monday afternoon, clipped his nails and gave him a bath. Later on we brought home a collar for him and flea treatment for all the animals. Tuesday I took him to the vet, who confirmed that he had no microchip and said, “I think he has adopted you!” And so he has.

It’s hard to really name my Flight of the Conchords favorites, though. I mean. There’s Business Time which has become an inside joke among all my beloved. And the first I ever heard was Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros … totally hilarious. I’d say All the Ladies in the World is among the top five, as well… “lady many lady!” Speaking of beautiful girls, another fave is The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room… is that a compliment?? My personal all time favorite has got to be Inner City Pressure!

Mom came to visit for a couple of weeks, but it was a whirlwind trip for her because she was packing up my grandmother’s house with her the whole time because she found a buyer. Owning two houses was too much for her (totally understandable, don’t you think?) So she’ll be getting a motorhome for my uncle’s backyard for times when she is in this area, and she’s going to be adding on to her mountain home. Grandma’s a tough gal though, so they got everything finished! Dana got to meet my beloved dachshund, our childhood pet. A very sweet thing. And mom acknowledged to me that she knows I’m with Dana, and that I live with her and everything. She’s not happy about it, but we’ve decided that if we keep everything on a very superficial level when it comes to Dana, that mom doesn’t mind talking about her. She made the hominy casserole that I brought to Christmas dinner and everyone loved it – mom made a joke about D being able to cook better than I can and I can see that she’s not going to spend her life crying over me. That’s a good thing.

Grandma’s giving us her kitchen table, a couch, and a chair – how awesome is that? We’re getting ever so close to the end of Dana’s lease and I’m a little nervous, but excited too. The homes in the area have decreased quite a bit in the last two months – I’ve found several 3BR homes renting for $800 monthly which is fantastic, so I’m hoping to snag one asap and get the hell outta this apartment complex, and out of apartment life… hopefully forever! Of course there are lots of costs involved and I’m not going to be working much… there’s so much up in the air, it’s crazy!

Sorry for the long rambling update. And the lack of sex. We’ve been so busy, tired, menstruating and having yeast infections from antibiotics because of swollen tonsils that we haven’t had any wild and crazy sex. Except for that threesome… I’ve still forgotten to tell you about that! I’ll save it for another night.

One final note, after grocery shopping, I made cream cheese cracker dip with pepper n onion relish, corn bread pudding, and an oatmeal pear crisp. Love it!

Goodnight darlings!

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