Survey says…

One of my classes is asking me to gather responses to two very simple survey questions, I’m to get at least ten responses and then report on my findings. So if you want to help me with my homework, e-mail or comment me your responses (include your return e-mail), and I will reply with the disclaimer that basically says who will be using your answers for what, and that they will be anonymous.

I am taking a class at my university called “Men and Sexism” or “Feminism and Men” in the Department of Women’s Studies. Please respond below to the following questions:
1) What do you think sexism is?
2) Do you think feminism is an effective strategy for bringing an end to sexism?

Please fill in the following information:

*Name (you can make one up)
*Gender (and sex, if they are different than “usual”)
*Economic background (For example, do you come from an economic background that you would consider to be: upper class, middle class, working class, or under class [poor]?)
*Sexual orientation
*Religious affiliation (if any)
*Highest level of education attained
*Response to question 1:
*Response to question 2:

I realize that the answers to this might of sort of biased if I know you folks, so if there are any of you that aren’t really in the field of women’s/gender studies, please answer! I’m looking for a broad range of answers.


3 thoughts on “Survey says…

  1. Nate Grey
    Middle class
    #1 Sexism is the belief that one sex/gender possesses inherent traits that make them inferior/superior to the other.

    #2Feminism in itself will not end sexism. Only the willingness of society to judge people individually in all endeavors will end sexism.

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