Request for Book Suggestions

For my the final project of my Women’s Studies degree I am writing an annotated bibliography of publications that address the culture and gender presentation politics of the butches and femmes among lesbians and queer women. If you know of any books that may be of interest to me, won’t you please drop me a line, or comment here with the title and a link to its description? I already own many books with “butch” and “femme” in the title, but surely there are more! I’m specifically interested in books published prior to 1990, since everything I have encountered so far has been from the 90’s onward.

In my research, I cameacross a book called “Order of Protection: A Battered Butch’s Tale” by Sherrie Therieault. The information on this book says it just came out in December, but it also says that all of her other publications came out at the same time. How can that be? Has anyone read the book, or know about the author? The description sounds a little bit over the top, but I am hoping that it has a believable story that can help people who are struggling with intimate partner abuse. I’m sure, just like many people don’t think men ever get physically abused by their partners, we may also downplay the possibility of it happening to the butch partner of a femme (It’s just that it happens so so so often to the feminine…). Judging from the covers of her other books, it seems that her writing may offer suggestion on how to weather the difficult times in life. She has also published two coloring books. Fun!

Here is the book’s description from
This is the début novel by author Sherrie Theriault. Come with Ronnie Jacobs as she has to flee her battering femme lover and find safety in the home of a stranger. Complications and intrigue thread their way through this tale as the authorities try to protect this shell shocked Butch.


One thought on “Request for Book Suggestions

  1. Dear Miss Avarice,

    I am so glad you found my book while researching your Women’s Studies project, I am sorry to say, Order of Protection: A Battered Butch’s Tale, is not a helpful guide to dealing with domestic violence between same sex partners. What is is mainly is a beach book, lite fiction pure and simple. This book was the product of taking on a writing suggestion from Stephen King’s, book, On Writing. The fourteen books which followed were as great a surprise to me as to anyone, and yes, the coloring books are quite fun, especially the imaganary coloring book, Can You See? I am delighted with the concept and the outcome.
    Elissa: Queen of Carthage is a book of poems about the aftermath of a butch leaving a femme, very tough stuff, and I don’t know if you had an opportunity to see Elbows on the Table, Palms Flat, which is another kind of butch/femme book…..nevertheless, I hope your research has gone well and I thank you again not only for looking at my work, but also for mentioning it here on your beautiful blog.

    Very truly,

    Sherrie Theriault

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