Recently, on the Femme’s Guide

Have been doing sadly few posts at The Femme’s Guide – only one per month so far this year! Hopefully I will have more to say after graduate. Definitely check out all that has been going on over there. The Femme’s Guide includes some absolutely fantastic, even legendary, writers.

In January I contemplated my love for hospitality, wondering if it is something I learned because I am Southern and female, or whether it was something I began to value because of my femme identity. February brought knitting and crocheting into my life and I couldn’t be happier! My top five reasons to love fiber arts / needle crafts, beginning with #5: It’s communal – stitching alone is like drinking alone – it shouldn’t be done! This list was followed by a tutorial on how to become a knitter or crocheter. After having tried to do it for years, and failed every time until now, I realize there’s some technique to it. begin with finding a knitting/crocheting enthusiast to lead the way. Most recently I initiated The Great Panty Fling Boogie where I listed the parameters for getting rid of old underwear, ending with #10: If your ex bought these underwear for you, put them on the midnight train to Georgia! Don’t come back now, y’hear?

I certainly hope you’ll enjoy perusing these articles, as well as reading what the other fantastic authors have to say about femme expression.

3 thoughts on “Recently, on the Femme’s Guide

  1. i was *totally* just thinking about that post! i finally got my clothesline up yesterday, and jamie told me i’d better only hang up her nice underwear 😉 …which isn’t a problem if you only have nice underwear, hence the panty (or what-have-you) fling boogie.

  2. What a great new blog. I looked through a bunch of the articles and always enjoy a little insight into the femme mind.

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