Tentative Peace

There has been a lot going on, and yet not much at all. You all know about all the political stuff happening, probably more than I do, considering that I just now got my tv converter and I can’t even really watch TV because the PS2 gets precendence (which is okay). A friend of mine moved in and out within a week, and the people around me have been involved in some very difficult circumstances. My blogiversary came and went, my graduation came and went… my 25th birthday came and went with very little fanfare. As all of this is happening, I almost feel like I am in the eye of a storm. I am feeling very peaceful and very satisfied. My relationship with Dana is constantly growing and changing, all in the right directions. We hold each other up in all the appropriate ways. She knows how to bolster me where I am weak, and I do the same thing for her. I was not expecting to love my first girlfriend as much as I love Dana. She’s the first person I’ve ever truly loved in this capacity at all, and at this point, I’m simply enjoying the ride.

Considering that it has been months since I wrote anything sexual, perhaps I should tell you a little bit about what’s been going on in the bedroom. Yes? Okay.

I asked her if I could tie myself up a couple weeks ago. She was skeptical at first, and it’s pretty hard to tie someone else up, letalone yourself. But I finagled it. I tied my ankles to my thighs so that I could not straighten out my legs. Then, just for kicks, I cuffed my wrists together (she helped me with that!). Having my wrists restrained in front of me pushed my breasts together and made them a little more bouncy. Yay! I don’t think she did anything different to me than she might usually do, but I came. so. hard. It was like falling off a waterfall. A few days later, I did the same thing, and wow! Lightning struck twice in the same place (my hard, hot clit)! Tonight I skipped the ropes and the cuffs. I just wanted my some-kinda-wonderful girl. You know I’m not pretty when  come hard. I’m sweating and screaming like an animal, like a person being chased by an animal. It sounds so much like anger, but really it is the kind of love I’ve always made fun of.

The point being, the sex keeps getting better and better, just like everything else about my relationship with her.

P.S. I got into grad school, I’m going to be a librarian!

3 thoughts on “Tentative Peace

  1. I tried to leave a comment yesterday, but anyway….
    Congratulations on your blogiversary,your birthday and your graduation. Also getting into grad school and, uh the other stuff. Life sounds good! Be very happy. fimg x

  2. Congrats! I think you’ll be a charming librarian.

    BTW the comment you left last week went into my spam folder, for some inexplicable reason. Hopefully now that I’ve approved it you’ll be able to comment in the future with impunity. 😉


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