I’m sorry dolls. I know I’m remiss. There’s lots of happy sex, lots of happy cuddles and a house full of puppies and kitties. Several posts rolling around in my head, but nothing coming out. Instead of going into a blog, my creativity is channeled into knitting and sewing. You see, my dears. I knit:

Rainbow Peace Heart

Rainbow Peace Heart

And I sew, too. No clothing, just items like bags and makeup brush / knitting needle / crochet hook cases:

Polka Dot Knitting Needle Case

Polka Dot Knitting Needle Case

Several “job” type ideas in the works as well. One involving vegan catering which would probably work better in California or New York than central Florida… the other one requiring my crafting skills. It makes my soul happy, and I would love to make it my profession.

Dana and I are as happy as can be, believe it or not. Without being fake or trite, we tell each other every day how glad we are to be together, how glad we are that our paths converged, how glad we are that things are working out in such a beautiful way. I won’t say the P word, but right now it definitely feels such. As a little joke, we thought about having a “binary code” themed wedding in October or November of 2011. The thought frightens me a little bit because so many marriages fail, and so many of the fail sooo quickly after the opening ceremonies. I would rather not be married to her for a long long time, then have a wedding jinx our relationship, you know?

She is my #1.

Other items involve money troubles, unemployment, starting of grad school, inevitable GRE, and the blinding light of library science. I will write again, I have not forgotten you all.

3 thoughts on “Stitches.

  1. Good luck on the GRE and it’s great to hear that you and Dana are still going strong. I am just about to begin graduate studies as well… so exciting.

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