In my utopia, we will find a way to balance the usefulness of computers and technology with a familiarity and communion with the land and with whole, natural things that come from the earth. Women & Men would cooperate in all of life’s activities in a mutually beneficial way, and children would grow up with a strong will, self confidence and the knowledge that they are loved. Respect for other beings would be a basic value learned from birth onward. Humans would think it wise to remember their own behavior, and balance their actions with their feelings. Spirituality would be practiced by all people in ways that are meaningful and allow for a vast diversity. Learning spaces would be communal, rather than reserved solely for the elite few.

There would be no pollution, cars, national borders, money, shoes, fear of death, homelessness, fast food, poverty, racism, sexism, ageism, ableism, religious discrimination, or disease. We would have cooperative living arrangements, communal gardens, green spaces, increased environmental stewardship, no natural disasters, a way to connect with honest lawmakers, nonjudgmental lifestyles. All professions would be valued appropriately. We would honor all stages of life, and prefer collaboration over competition. The most violent activity would be dodgeball.

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