Food on The Femme’s Guide

Although this space gets frequently neglected, I would like to share with you some of the delicious food I’ve been cooking up!

Back in May I posted two recipes, one for Spanish Garbanzo Bean Soup which has been a family favorite a long time, and another for a yummy Vegan Pumpkin Soup. June’s post brought the wonderfulness of Lemon Pineapple Cake and Frosting which is now my favorite flavor near and far! This month, since I’ve just finished eating a tasty, warm serving of Corn Pudding I figured you all needed to hear about it as well.

There area couple of recipes that have been popular in my kitchen that do not actually belong to me. I’ve finally found the perfect beer bread, and not surprisingly, it is 100% vegan! Mandy over at Vegan Sweetie published her fantastic Olive & Herb Beer Bread in February of 2008. She has thoughtfully explained why not all beer is vegan – I hadn’t even considered the thought until I read this recipe. While I have been a lover of broccoli my entire life (ask mom!) I know that some people do not always share my enthusiasm for “little trees,” as I used to call them. I didn’t think my love for it could get any deeper until I was searching for recipes by Chef Gorden Ramsay and stumbled across the most amazing recipe for Broccoli Soup. You don’t have to use goat cheese, just sprinkle some grated mozzarella, or even a slice or two of fresh mozzarella on the top of the soup. Be sure to save the stock for when you put it in the blender! It takes less than 30 minutes and it’s surprisingly filling. Definitely don’t eat too much at once, but enjoy a nice small-medium-ish bowl of green goodies.

Happy eatin’ y’all!

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