Absent hearts growing fonder and whatnot

Fuck, it’s been over a month since I posted and I really have nothing of value to say. Grad school is going splendidly. I’m dreading my longest paper ever – 22 pages long, about the “Golden Age” of children’s literature (late Victorian, turn of the 20th century) and specifically about Frances Hodgson Burnett’s work (Secret Garden, Little Princess, and the nauseating Little Lord Fauntleroy).

Library science is so far dreadfully dull. No, I’m wrong, it’s duller than dull. I’m hoping the actual work of it will be more interesting… Of course I’m still taking intro classes. We’ll see about that. Women’s Studies classes have been exhilarating and I’m starting to realize that I just won’t be able to survive if I do not do both Master’s degrees. Suicide, I know. I simply cannot help it. I want them both equally!

Things are quiet on the homestead. Rental home is under new ownership, currently working out details of next year’s lease. All creatures are fine. I have nominal work as an assistant to a dressmaker, which is more about the learning than it is about the money. I’ve just about hit max capacity on “free” work for friends/family so I will hopefully be getting lots of quality pictures of my work and using them as repertoire for my business.

On that note, free stuff will get pushed toward the bottom of my to-do list if anyone is wanting to purchase something from me. I’m already making three “Snuggies”, two scarves, two hats, two baby blankets, and two sets of pyjamas. At this point, since I’m just starting out with all of this I’m not charging too too much and there’s plenty of time for crafting and shipping items for the Season o’ Giving. Find me somewhere… a comment, twitter, e-mail, FB if you’re my friend there. Washcloths seem to be a big hit around here, I’ve sold 12 of them in about a month’s time. Wow!

The bottom line is this: I really freaking miss you guys. Readers, fellow writers, stalkers, you name it. I’ve even stopped writing in my paper journal for about the last year and a half. I’m in need of renewal big time, and I’ve always found writing to be the biggest thing that pushes me to a breakthrough.

Won’t you write to me? I’m skimming your blogs when I get the chance, but nothing replaces a heartfelt catch-up letter, regardless of whether it originates from the pen in your hand, or the keys at your fingertips. I treasure YOU.


2 thoughts on “Absent hearts growing fonder and whatnot

  1. Awwww hon! I feel ya on the grad school thing. I’m in for Art Education and it is dull. as. a. bag. of. hammers. You’d think there would be more “art” to this process. I, too, feel a bit dried up these days. . .But we will rally; we will prevail!

    Sigh. I wish I could take a women’s studies class. I loved taking those as an undergrad.

  2. I know how that feels.. I just kinda stopped all together for a point.. but I am just getting back into it.. a little bit at a time..
    Glad to see that you are wanting to get back.. if ya wanna be pen-pals.. just let me know. I want to get back to writing letters vs email !

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