Haven’t you signed up yet? If you are femme, if you think femme is a queer identity, or if you’re into gender theory, you want to be at this conference. In 2008, Sinclair over at Sugarbutch.net said this:

There are some specific folks that I would really like to see at the conference in 2010, and I’m going to call you out publically because I can. Please consider coming. Please make your life revolve around creating the ability to come to the next conference. You will not regret it. You need to be there: sublime femme, Miss Avarice, Lady Brett, Green-eyed Girl, and Essin’ Em.

Sinclair told you to, so if I were you, I’d do it. When I read Sin’s post, I took it seriously. I set my heart and mind on it because I know that having community is essential to the success of individuals, as well as groups of people. I have very few local friends who are intentional about or conscious of their femmeininity and it has been a bumpy ride trying to explain to people why my femmeininity is legitimately queer and feminist. I’m sure the conference will do more than just help build community among femmes and allies. I think that the people who attend the conference will leave changed, and will take that change back to their home communities. This conference is going to do just what it says: empower people, create a queer visibility for femmes and establish femme as a gender-queer identity. The magnanimous Kate Bornstein will be the keynote speaker and I can hardly wait to glean from her understanding of gender and the world. Please join me won’t you?

You can register at The Femme Collective‘s website. Do so before July 15th to avoid late registration and a $20 difference in cost! I’m still looking for roommates for my stay at the host hotel. I will be accompanied by my very dear and very precious trans femme friend to whom I’ve been absolutely dying to see, since she left home a year ago to attend fashion design school in San Francisco. You’ll love her!

If you can’t go, there are other ways you can support the Femme Collective’s efforts: you can donate directly, host a fund raising event, or simply blog/tweet about it! If you prefer to support people, I would be exceedingly grateful for some financial assistance in getting to the conference and getting home. The flight is the most expensive part of the trip, considering that I’m on the wrong “left” coast (west-central Florida rather than the west coast of the U.S!). I’ll be very glad to send you something small in return for your generosity. Or, if you’re interested, I’ve been sewing custom gowns (bridal/prom/formal), aprons, bags, supply or makeup cases and innumerable other items which are available for sale to any and all interested parties. You think it up, I can probably make it, or I know someone who can.

So, will I see you there? Leave a comment and let me know where you’ll be coming from!

Send E-Mail to Miss Avarice

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