Things Keep on Changing

So, I’ve been seeing a boy. It’s not the same boy I mentioned before, but it is a boy nonetheless. One that was born a boy originally. The first one I have ever dated. Unless you count the one between seventh and eighth grade who somehow couldn’t hold my interest. But this new boy … Well, he’s not much of a boy at all. Nearing 30 years old, his hair is already speckled with grey. He has a good steady job, has spent time in the Navy, and likes good beer. He’s also a bit of what margarita likes to call a “warlord” – a multiplayer computer game enthusiast, a Dungeons and Dragons master, and an all around white and nerdy guy. He’s being trained as a Dom by a capped leatherman (which I think is sort of like having a black belt in risk-aware consensual kink). He tries his best to practice chivalry and has been patient with me as I learn what it means to be on a date with a lifetime boy. So far, I like it. Boys are very different from girls, and that’s okay. Other changes: we lost 2 roommates and gained a new one. Will be trying to refill the 4th bedroom asap as Dana will be moving out and the rest of us next Christmas. Dana has a new girlfriend and after some personal growth, I’m now very happy to be her friend as well. Things are slowly but surely smoothing out. I’m feeling relatively well, which is not something I’ve felt in a long time. Maybe as long ago as summer last year. I’m very grateful.


2 thoughts on “Things Keep on Changing

  1. Change is good, especially when you’re coming from a long period of funk. I’m so happy you’re doing better and that you’ve met someone special – new is exciting! ❤

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