Over the past two weeks I have been frequently visiting my uncle who is in the hopsital. He went in for a spot of pneumonia and they gave him a strong antibiotic that caused kidney failure and he is now much more sick than before. They are doing what they can to get his kidneys restarted and to decrease the swelling and water retention but it is extra complicated because he is essentially a quadriplegic due to muscular dystrophy, although he retains feeling throughout his body. I am the closest available family member which means that I have to spend a lot of time there helping him. When I went up there today he was completely spaced out, so there was nothing for me to do except try to get him to eat or drink. Which he would not do. So I came home. I have never seen him in such a state and I’m angry that he went in for a respiratory problem and is now so gravely ill. It reminds me of my dad in the hospital. He had water retention too, but for heart problems instead. He was spaced out for a long time, and then he was perfectly clear headed for exactly a week before he died. I don’t feel that it is uncle’s time, but he is so very very sick. It is hard for me to be caregiver to another ailing man in my family. But I have to.

On a happier note, I just finished knitting a pink and raspberry striped off-the-shoulder boatneck short sleeved raglan sweater. It is quite a knitting win.

Sending my love and affection out into the blogiverse. As well as my best wishes for the revolutions underway in the middle east.


2 thoughts on “Uncle

  1. I’m so sorry about your uncle–he’s lucky to have you close by at least. Being in a hospital can do so much more damage than most people realize, especially with all that risk of infection and harmful medication. It sucks when there’s no choice but to go. I hope he gets well soon.

    Your sweater sounds beautiful, any chance of posting a picture of it? I’d love to see it.

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