Bus Fare to Kentucky

I seriously wish I had a great story for this. Maybe I could describe my depressing inability to pack lightly that results in me doing lots of lugging (isn’t that why they call it luggage?) and looking completely unfeminine and not even a little bit pretty while traveling, just so I can look pretty when I get there, but by the time I’m there I’m too tired to put any effort into looking pretty. Am I the only one with that problem? I’m copying this call for submissions from Sassafras at FemmesGuide.com.

Attention all Femmes that are strapped/poor/broke ass/working class Artists! Performers! Writers! Activists! Wanderers! Seekers!

We are looking for submissions for our zine compilation of stories and art from the road that we are calling Bus Fare To Kentucky.

Show us how do you feed yourself artistically and otherwise. How you afford plane tickets, train tickets and gas money. How you make it all fit in your suitcase. Show us your tour romances, hook ups, art inspiration and friends you made along the way. We want your struggle and your triumph. We want to know your hilarious, raunchy, heartbreaking and fierce stories of touring and traveling with your art (whatever that looks like for you) and making it work while maintaining your standard of Femme in the process.

We accept all visual art, photography, stories as long as it can be emailed. Stories must be submitted in Times 12 point single spaced. Art must be a reasonably high DPI and viewable on a Mac.

Femmes of any gender encouraged to submit. Tell your friends!

Deadline for this project is March 15th.

Please email kentuckybusfare@gmail.com.

Kiss Kiss,
Alysia Angel and Nicky Click

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