Far Flung Friends

I’ve been meaning to post about a big blessing I received last week.

Greg was one of the first bloggers I began following regularly when I started writing here in 2007. If I recall correctly, that is also about the time she started writing also. We even went halvsies on a secret santa gift for a young person at a center for homeless lgbt teens that year. She has warmed my heart many times with that dang cute smile, a persistent search for truth and self-appreciation, and her brilliant femme sensibilities. The box that arrived on my doorstep was probably one of the best, most thoughtful things to happen to me in a long time. Everyone loves presents, but for a vegetarian foodie strapped for cash, a box of quality food is golden! It has taken enormous strength to refrain from eating all of the cookies. Also, I have hidden them from my housemates. Yom! I’m still devising a plan for reciprocating or paying forward this delightful gift, but I’ll be sure to report on it.

In some other news, I played the part of bedroom guest this weekend to a couple I’ve known basically since I was born (they are only a couple of years older than I am). It was playful and good, exactly the type of interaction I would have hoped for. There have been some encounters with the ex I love so dearly, and with my gent. Strangely, I have been the giver in all of them and did not receive anything in return. That will really have to be remedied as soon as possible.

Must away to bed now, my lovelies. Be well and stay safe.

2 thoughts on “Far Flung Friends

  1. You were my first commenter! I will always remember how much that meant to me. 🙂

    You’re a very special person, Miss A. You do so much for others and I am simply following your lead. xoxo

  2. You were a simply delightful guest; we enjoyed having you immensely. And should we all decide to do so again, I will be certain to reciprocate.

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