The thing about Body Electric School workshops is that at a certain point in my writing about them, it gets very intimate. Each workshop is different, the unique mix of people that the “circle” calls to it shapes the experience. While I want very much to tell you everything about it, I also feel a longing for privacy, a deep urge to safeguard what happened during the workshop. My previous experiences with the Body Electric school have been very similar in this regard – the words I have found to say about them don’t make sense out of context. What’s different this time, however, is that rather than being “held” and supported and cared for, I found my heart and my spirit to be holding space for other people. Instead of simply letting waves of experience wash over me, I found myself strong in the currents. This time, it was not about my experience, but about the healing of others who were there with me. Whether I knew it or not at the time, I now realize that I was ready for everything that surfaced. The big beautiful stuff, and the heartbreaking stuff, too.

My experience at this workshop was so wrapped up in the other people who were with me, but what they deserve from me is for their identities and their experiences to be kept safe in my heart, away from a world that would seek to invalidate them. I want to tell you more about the incredible, fierce and bravely vulnerable femmes who kept me company between Philly and DC, and about all the other individuals who blessed my heart in strong and tender ways. I want to tell you about Monday. About Lein.

It is said that if you want your wish to come true, you must not reveal it to anyone. That is what it feels like when I tell you about these workshops. It feels as though I’m divulging my secret desire, and once that happens, there’s no hope of it ever coming true. If I give words to an experience of the body and of the soul, then it loses some of its realness. It feels like I’m telling you about a dream, but the fine details have gotten fuzzy.

May is coming soon. Celebrating the Body Erotic for Women is happening in New York May 17-19. I will be at the one in Atlanta May 31 – June 2. There are men’s and all-gender workshops happening soon, too. Will you join me? Whatever you need to do, whatever sacrifices you need to make, if this is something you need, I will help you. Write to me. If you want to talk about it, come to me. My heart is ready to offer you whatever you need to get you there.

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