blue-green waves for blue-green mountains

Last July I moved to North Carolina. My first visit back to Florida in September felt like going home. The second visit back in December was more complex. I could hardly wait to get back to North Carolina. This past weekend was the first time that I’ve been back since then. There were some serious high points – spending time with Margarita, my bonded soul. I also had time to spend with a 4 or 5 people who were not my family. Unfortunately on this trip it was luck of the draw, I didn’t have my car with me and some of the people I wanted to see were without cars or transportation, too. On the morning of the day I intended to leave, I was so ready to leave. That is something I never thought would happen, I definitely didn’t think it would happen so fast. Perhaps it’s the fact that I have too much history in my home town for it to be a comfortable place to visit. On the drive back to the mountains, I decided that next time I go back, it should be for a beach vacation, not to schedule all of my 100 or so friends in 15-minute appointments.

I have traded the blue-green waves of the sea for the low, rolling blue-green smoky mountains. Driving home tonight, the thick fog and cool air welcomed me home. Cool air, in the middle of summer. Before this past year that would not have made any sense to me. The beauty is unceasing. Even camping up a mountain a couple of weeks ago, walking around in the mud… though it was a bit frustrating, the entire experience was still so beautiful. And yet as much as the mountains are captivating me, the flat-ish parts of North Carolina have been seducing me over the past 2 months. I can live anywhere as long as I have friends. I have a few where I live right now, but I am sort of dizzy with meeting so many new friends a few hours East of the mountains. Pretty gardens, pretty people, kinksters as far as the eye can see (ok maybe that’s an exaggeration). The cities are bigger. I’ve made no secret of the fact that ultimately I am a city girl, though I love opportunities to spend time in nature. The stars out here are incredible, I’ll be sorry to leave them.

I did get to see my beloved, the mother of my pet children, recently. We spent a little time together up in my neck of the woods while she was traveling. I love how we respond instinctively to each other. I am so lucky to have her.

Perhaps what I’m getting at is I’m happy to be here, but I have more to learn and experience, and I have a strong feeling I’m headed in a new direction.

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