But what will I do without you?

Laurel is leaving. The only person around here that I have really been able to develop an intimate friendship with – of course, that is what I wanted from the start. And it happened, but the process took eight or nine months. Now that we have reached that point, where we can finally tell each other the secrets of our hearts, she is leaving.

She has every reason to leave, I recognize the things that are drawing her away are really important. It’s just that once she leaves, I lose my touch point. She has been the first person to welcome me and the last to say goodbye. She has been a safe place for me. Don’t misunderstand, the social benefits are not the only reason I am disappointed to be losing her. She has become so precious to me.

But what will I do without you? Without the fleeting moments in which we show our true colors, and give up the briefest glimpses of our soft underbellies to each other? You make me light up. I know I will be the sun again, though it will take me time to warm up and shine on my own. But you, you are always emanating light. I wasn’t expecting to, but I am grieving you.

Just do one thing. Kiss me before you go.

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