1. Holding hands, walking around the neighborhood in the dark, talking about intentional communities, and alternative ways of living.

2. Lying in bed, the moon is waning so there isn’t much light coming through the window. My sweetheart is grinning.

3. At lunch, my sweetheart is holding my hand the way one might hold a lady’s hand – delicately. Examining my fingers, enjoying being connected to me. I apologize for having cuts on my hands – it’s because of the kind of work I am currently doing at a ceramics studio. “When you have pretty hands, it means you’re a wuss.” All things considered, I still think I have pretty hands. Scratches and all.

4. My sweetheart is driving, but we are touching – either with entwined hands, or hands resting somewhere on the other.

5. Quiet reflection time after my sweetheart comes home from work or as we lie down to sleep.


I would really like it if we lived in the same city, but at present, I am doing my best to take advantage of the decompression and processing opportunity I am given every time I return to my own home, rather than spending every moment wishing I were there. I’m grateful that my sweetheart is a level-headed person too, and isn’t interested in rushing it.

I’m apparently not making things up in my head, which is kinda neat.


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