Plan of Action

So the property I was telling you about? The entity that owns it is sending representatives to meet with us next month. We’ll be able to ask questions, properly tour the insides of the buildings, and maybe even talk about a lease option to give us access to the land while we’re establishing the non-profit organization and sourcing the funds to make the purchase. I’m shocked that my sweetheart’s connections and self-confidence have already gotten us this far.

Unfortunately in the time that we have been planning all this with some folks we know, many of them have stepped forward with offers of part-time help, but few have committed to being founding members. My concern now is in finding additional members to participate in the physical labor and eventually agree to live there and be part of the community we intend to create. With every little inch that we move forward, my confidence in the viability of the project expands, though doubt is still whispering in my ear.

If the talk goes well, there could be work to do on the land very soon – pulling out invasive plants, plotting gardens, killing the algae that is overgrown in the pond, repairing structures, and possibly even setting up an aquaponics rig in the empty swimming pool. We need hands to work and hearts that aren’t afraid to put all their chips in.

If you know any hippies who work hard and play hard, who like to take chances, make mistakes, and get messy, would you send them my way?

A few days ago, I asked if my sweetheart had any plans for us during my next visit. I wasn’t expecting much, only because I try not make a habit of expecting things. Still, I was giddy with surprised to learn of the romantic gesture I will be treated to this weekend: a nice home cooked supper and a bath together in the spa tub. In the past, I have either scoffed at romance, or have put a lot of effort into gestures that went largely unappreciated. But this makes me feel so appreciated and cared for. I can hardly believe someone offered this to me with no prompting, or that I am looking forward to it so very, very much.


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