Temple of Eros



Temple of Eros is a sacred erotic space at an annual event in Horse Shoe, NC.  It is a place to explore your role in the global web of human energetic interconnectivity by taking part in self-guided meditations available throughout the weekend, and guided rituals offered each day.

Here’s how it went in 2015.

What is Eros?

Eros is the creative, constructive force in the world, which stands in opposition to that which destroys and tears down.  It is your highest calling during your human experience.  You are a corporeal manifestation of the divine, a fleshly conduit for source power, and Eros is all the ways that you honor and express that power.  Sexuality is one way to do that, and Temple of Eros seeks to encourage many formats of erotic expression, including, but not limited to sexuality.

Self-Guided Meditations

Within the temple, you are invited to experience five self-guided meditations, beginning with a grounding and centering activity.  Each meditation brings you into a new awareness of yourself and your place in the global web of human energetic interconnectivity.  The final meditation is a community art piece that will be sacrificed as part of Sunday’s fire.

Spiral Meditation: Eros Through the Chakras

Participants of the meditation are seated in circle with one another will follow along to explore the various ways that eros is expressed through each of the seven major chakras. The meditation follows a spiral pattern beginning in the heart, going up to the throat, going down to the solar plexus, rising up to the third eye, sinking into the sacrum, and ascending to the crown and descending all the way to the root. Along the way, we examine the activities, beliefs, and creative forces that reside within each chakra.  This guided meditation offered once during the event lasts about an hour.

Unwrapping Ritual

The unwrapping ritual is a safe space to start the process of becoming more comfortable in the body you have.  If you are ready to take a big step toward deeper self love, this is the place for you! During the ritual, you will be invited to remove your clothing in the caring, respectful witness of other humans.  Perhaps you will take your time removing articles of clothing one by one, feeling how it feels to be seen and honored in your corporeal form.  If slow and steady isn’t your style, tear off your clothes as if they were on fire and stand in the power of your self-determined exposure.  You will also be asked to to collaboratively hold space for others as they choose to bravely uncover themselves.

One ritual is provided for self-identified women, and one for trans, genderqueer and otherwise gender non-conforming folks. No unwrapping rituals are presently offered for groups of self-identified men, however that may change in the future if a ritual facilitator can be found.

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