Temple of Eros



Temple of Eros is a sacred erotic space at an annual event West Virginia.  It is a place to explore your role in the global web of human energetic interconnectivity by by radically expressing your sexual power through freeform play and guided rituals offered each day.

Here’s how it went in 2015.

What is Eros?

Eros is the creative, constructive force in the world, which stands in opposition to that which destroys and tears down.  It is your highest calling during your human experience.  You are a corporeal manifestation of the divine, a fleshly conduit for source power, and Eros is all the ways that you honor and express that power.  Sexuality is one way to do that, and Temple of Eros seeks to encourage many formats of erotic expression, including sexuality.

Freeform Play

Visitors are invited to engage in unstructured erotic play any time, night or day, except when a ritual or workshop is on the schedule. You’ll know if something is up when the “workshop in progress” sign is up. Most of the time, just walk right in.



Unwrapping Ritual

The unwrapping ritual is a place to begin becoming more comfortable in the body you have.  If you are ready to take a big step toward deeper self love, this is the place for you! During the ritual, you will be invited to remove your clothing under the witness of other humans.  Perhaps you will take your time removing articles of clothing one by one, feeling how it feels to be seen and honored in your corporeal form.  If slow and steady isn’t your style, tear off your clothes as if they were on fire and stand in the power of your self-determined exposure.  You will then have the opportunity to collaboratively hold space for others as they choose to bravely uncover themselves.

Check the event schedule for gender-specific unwrapping rituals.

Personal Rituals

Individual, pair, or small-group rituals focusing on erotic expression and healing can be a powerful way to shift your consciousness and increase your ability to connect with others. A limited number of personal rituals will be available. Personal rituals are not an invitation for sex with a temple priestess (in fact, that is NOT something we offer at all, ever). Instead, it is a ritual of your own creation, attended, witnessed, and supported by a temple priestess. This could be a private unwrapping ritual, a conversation with a temple priestess about your erotic expression, a cleansing ritual, or a bonding ritual between partners. “Office hours” are daily from 11AM-1PM if you’d like to ask temple priestesses about this offering on site. Try to plan in advance, if you can, since this offering is limited. Write to missavarice@gmail.com to get started.

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