Update; sectional.

I’ve sat down to write several posts recently. I was going to write another excerpt from John Poster’s book “Meals for Males” and I got distracted looking at the funny French names he gave his pheasant recipes. Hi-larious.

I also wanted to write about our housing project: we found out Dana’s lease is not up until 2/09 so we have a good four months until we move out of this 650 sq ft studio apartment. The house hunt will have to be postponed at least until the first of the year.

My new job started on Thursday. In two weeks I will work a whopping 17 hours – clearly this is not enough, but apparently all the other stores I applied to in our mall are competitors of this store. And the two that weren’t sent me a thanks-but-no-thanks letter.

I’m totally jealous of everyone who was privileged enough to go to the NYC Sexbloggers’ Calendar debut party. Debauchery was bound to “ensue” as they say. *sigh* Everything fun happens in New York!

My anxiety got the best of me – I am not one for protests because they tend to give me claustrophobia. I did not go, please forgive me. Instead I did my part to further the gay agenda by going to a pet adoption expo!

It is nearing the end of the semester and I will have my nose in actual books for about the next six weeks. One of my final papers is about the writings of Denise Chavez. The other paper will be an “autoethnography” where I talk about the effects of culture on myself as it relates to queer theory. I’ve chosen once again to talk about the femme identity. My professor wants me to answer the question, “how does femme queer femininity?” for indeed it does. I’m supposed to write about moments in my life that helped to shape my femme identity. I’ll write about those scenes another time. I’m a bit behind in homework too, so expect to see and hear from me even less than you already do. I read everyone’s writings, but I am just having so much trouble formulating my thoughts.

Next Wednesday I’m being inducted into my university’s founding chapter of iota iota iota, which is an honor society for undergraduates focushttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifing in Women’s Studies. The color is lavender – isn’t that nice? It’s named for Inana, Ishtar and Isis.

Dana’s new job promised her 40 hours and has totally disregarded that commitment. Although she is getting the most hours out of everyone, she is still getting less than forty. She actually makes less at the new job than she did at the old horrible sucky job because she ended up working overtime before, whereas she is not allowed to now. Looking for new or second job now, as money is way, way tight. With a move on the horizon, we both need to bringing in as much moola as possible. Life is not propelled by my smiling face alone, but by the bank.

Should I or shouldn’t I arrange play dates with a certain pair of beautiful people? yea or nay? It sounds like a good idea, I definitely could see it working out, but at the same time there are always risks, you know? I don’t want to risk my beautiful partner in exchange for a fleeting thrill. But I also see the value in expanding one’s personal horizons. If it happens, I think they’re going to have to make the first move.

I’m now uninsured. Health is doing alright, but the main thing is eating right, eating small meals at frequent intervals, and taking meds on time. We purchased a bathroom scale the other day, which is a good measure of how my overall blood glucose is doing. Sugar goes up, weight goes up, and the opposite is also true.

Taking everything into consideration, however, I’m feeling absolutely fabulous. I am more and more in love with Dana. I feel more and more comfortable with our relationship. We talk about everything, we welcome change and progress, and we constantly reaffirm to each other our commitment to making things work. She sure means a whole lot to me.


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